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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform by Amazon that offers a range of services such as computing, storage, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Researchers can leverage these services to advance their projects and initiatives effectively. AWS is a popular choice among researchers; they benefit from a consumption-based pricing model, avoiding significant upfront hardware investments and time delays for provisioning.

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Why Choose AWS for Research?

Accessing AWS through UCF brings a range of benefits. UCF has established a contract with AWS that aligns with UCF's university policies. Integration with UCF's single sign-on and two-factor authentication allows for a straightforward user experience and enhanced security. 

For projects with significant data transfers out from the cloud, the Global Data Egress Waiver reduces egress fees by up to 15% of the university's total AWS usage. Additionally, volume discounts on file storage contribute to overall cost savings university-wide. 

Research IT has a team of certified experts with experience hosting a variety of cloud-based research workloads. These include the development of applications for data collection, the crafting of machine learning algorithms, and the management of big data pipelines. 

Getting Started with AWS

Get your research project running on Amazon Web Services by following these steps: 

1. Cloud Consultation 

Begin the process by scheduling a Cloud Consultation with the Research IT team. During this meeting, Research IT will work closely with you to understand your research project's objectives, specific problem, and requirements for utilizing AWS. The following topics will be addressed: 

  • Storage, Network, and Computation Needs: We will discuss your project's storage, data transfer, network, and computation requirements to tailor a solution accordingly. 
  • Security: We will go over the data classification of your research project and any specific security requirements. If you are not sure about the data classification of your project, please refer to the UCF's Data Classification Matrix in the following link:
  • Funding: We will discuss the funding source, specifically looking at the Workday funding identifiers (Worktags) and assessing any requirements for research credits. For sponsored projects, please include the HRS proposal or grant number in your request if possible. 

2. Budget and Architecture Review

Following the Discovery Meeting, Research IT will provide a cloud proposal that will enable you to have a solid starting point for your research project in AWS. 

  • Cloud Architecture: Research IT will architect and design an AWS-based solution that precisely addresses your research needs and aligns with the identified requirements. 
  • Cost Estimate: We will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for utilizing AWS resources throughout your research project. 
  • Engagement with Amazon Experts: If needed, Research IT can involve subject matter experts from Amazon to offer additional insights and support tailored to the specific requirements of your project. Some scenarios that have previously warranted assistance from Amazon Experts include topics such as quantum computing, IoT, and advanced machine learning. 
  • Resource Consideration: We will also assess the potential utilization of existing university resources, such as UCF's ARCC Stokes and Newton, as well as external resources, like the ACCESS program and Open Science Grid, to complement your AWS solution. 

3. Account Access and Support

Upon approval of the proposed solution and budget by the PI, Research IT will proceed to provision an account dedicated to your research project. This step ensures that you have the necessary access and resources to begin your research on the AWS platform. One of our ResearchIT cloud experts will guide the research team through an onboarding session. This session will cover key aspects such as AWS console navigation, team access, security protocols, network configurations, and cost considerations. It is required to provide the Workday funding identifiers (Worktags) for account provisioning. 

AWS Billing and Payment Process

AWS charges are billed monthly, and approximately two weeks after the end of each billing period, the invoiced amount will be charged back to your research project using the Workday funding identifiers (Worktags) provided during the project onboarding. The billing method is pass-through, meaning there are no upcharges on your AWS costs. We partnered with UCF IT to manage the billing for AWS, ensuring a streamlined process. The monthly charges will include the Global Data Egress Waiver (GDEW) for costs related to data being transferred out of the cloud. 

Funding Opportunities

AWS extends support for research initiatives through a variety of programs. Whether in the form of cash awards or credits, these programs are tailored to advance research across diverse domains. Explore the resources below to identify potential funding sources for your research projects. 

  • Cloud Credits for Research: This program supports researchers who seek to conduct research in cloud environments, perform proof of concept evaluations or benchmark tests, and provide training on utilizing cloud resources for research tasks. Student awards will be up to a maximum of $5,000.00. Faculty and Staff awards are not capped.  
  • Research Awards: The program offers unrestricted cash awards and AWS Promotional Credits to fund research at academic institutions and non-profit organizations in areas that align with Amazon's mission to advance customer-obsessed science.  
  • Health Equity Initiative: This initiative supports organizations that develop culturally responsive solutions to increase access to health services, reduce disparities by addressing social determinants of health, leverage data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care, and advance equity in diagnostics and screening. This program offers AWS Promotional Credits and technical expertise. Applications are reviewed three times a year.


Research IT offers continuous support throughout your research project. This support extends from the proposal stage to post-project initiation, offering valuable assistance in areas such as cloud architectures, cost estimates, and securing letters of support from AWS. 

If you need assistance, simply reach out to us via email at

For production workloads, consider exploring premium support plans provided by AWS: ( 

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