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UCF researchers can request an account on UF’s new NVIDIA AI supercomputer, the HiPerGator. See news article here.

All issues and questions must be directed to

Requesting a HiPerGator Account

Please go through the following steps for getting started with HiPerGator: 

  • Step 1: UF supports federated authentication, therefore, UCF users can use their institutional credentials to access HiPerGator. To request an account please click here. For your request to be approved, it must indicate a faculty sponsor with a Research Computing investment. Submit Dr. Glenn Martin (email address) as the faculty sponsor to get your request approved. In the comment box during account signup, indicate that you would like to be a sponsor for your own research group. In the same comment box, you may also request a trial allocation. Such a trial may only be granted once, and the allocation will give the same privileges as a normal allocation. The size of the allocation and the duration will be negotiated with Research Computing staff. The duration varies typically between one and six months. 
  • Step 2: Take the HiPerGator account training and review their procedures; these should be completed before users start to work on HiPerGator. For more training please refer to HiPerGator Account Training in Coursera and the New User Training page. 
  • Step 3: For resource pricing please review the HiPerGator price list; these rates are applicable for UCF users as well. For pricing, allocations durations range from three months to one year or more. Email when you have decided on the resources you will require. 
  • Step 4: UCF Research Computing will communicate your request to UF Research Computing and receive a quote for the resources. You will then work with your departmental administrator or budget person to handle the POs with the UF IT business office. 

See below for a graphical representation of the process:

Graphical representation of the HiPerGator account request process.

Technical Support

Technical support will be provided through the UCF ARCC team, please submit request to this email address. The ARCC team will work with the UF Research Computing team on these requests. 

Software License

If you are planning to use a licensed software on HiPerGator, some extra steps may be required for UCF to set up a license server for such software. Please send a ticket to

Training and Self-Help

For training and self-help please also explore the UFRC wiki and FAQs. Also, please take the HiPerGator Account Training in Coursera

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for UCF researchers?

The prices for UCF researchers are same as that for UF researchers. Details for pricing can be found here: Price List.

Are trial allocations available for UCF researchers?

Yes. If you are creating a new account, you can request a trial allocation in the comment box of the account request form. If you already have an account, you can request trial allocation here: Request Trial Allocation.

Who will be the UF sponsor of account for UCF researchers?

Dr. Glenn Martin (email address) will be the sponsor for UCF researchers.

Can a UCF researcher leverage the UF training? 


If UCF has some big datasets they want to work on, what would be the best approach for that? Store it at UF or here?

Some data sets may already be available at UF (especially public ones) so you should check with them first; otherwise, use storage allocation to transfer it. We recommend using Globus for file transfers. See here for a guide. If you need assistance, please email

How will licensing issues for research software be resolved? Are we expected to have our own licensing server? 

This needs to be dealt with UF on a case by case basis. Please send a ticket to the ARCC support team at

How can a UCF researcher create a ticket with UF?

Please work through ARCC support team ( as all tickets/requests to UF team should flow through ARCC team for HiPerGator. 

How will a UCF researcher do visualization for work being done at UF HiPerGator?

Visualization service is available at UF and uses Open On Demand.

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